Acronyms Explained
Even if you have spent a lifetime farming, if you have ever attempted to fill out a form then you will know how hard it is to keep track of all the different acronyms currently in use. For new entrants into farming it is even more difficult. This is not meant to be a 'Defra Dictionary' but our guide to farming acronyms should help you get through the paperwork. If you find one we have not listed then please do let us know!
CPH County Parish Holding
CSC Customer Service Centre
CSS Countryside Stewardship Scheme
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
ELS Entry Level Stewardship
ERDP England Rural Development Programme
ES Environmental Stewardship
ESA Environmentally Sensitive Area
FDS Farm Diversification Scheme
FEP Farm Environment Plan
FER Farm Environmental Record
FVP Fruit - Vegetables - Potatoes
FWAG Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
FWPS Farm Woodlands Premium Scheme
FYM Farm Yard Manure
GAEC Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition
HER Historic Environment Records
HFA Hill Farming Allowance
HLS High Level Stewardship
IACS Integrated Administration and Control System
LFA Less Favoured Area
LU Livestock Unit
MGA Maximum Guaranteed Area
NVZ Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
OAS Organic Aid Scheme
OELS Organic Entry Level Stewardship
OFS Organic Farming Scheme
PCP Protein Crop Premium
RDS Rural Development Service
RLR Rural Land Register
RPA Rural Payments Agency
SBI Single Business Identifier
SDA Severely Disadvantaged Area
SPS Single Payment Scheme
SRC Short Rotation Coppice
VN Vendor Number
WGS Woodland Grant Scheme
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